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San Jose EVICTION Attorney 


San Jose Eviction Attorney

An eviction, or Unlawful Detainer lawsuit, is an emotional experience both for the landlords and for the tenants.  Landlords are worried about losing, potentially, their only source of income while tenants are stressed about losing, potentially, their only safe place to rest their heads.  This is why landlord-and-tenant relations can get very contentious, and the eviction process can even involve more animosity than some contested divorce proceedings.  


Take the emotions out of an emotional situation by calling The Law Office of H. Daniel Na.  We are a boutique real estate law firm specializing in landlord and tenant law.  We know the laws, the eviction procedures, and the maneuvers that can guide you through local laws, like San Jose Eviction Ordinance.


We represent both landlords facing tenant issues and tenants facing rental issues.  We are here to help facilitate a settlement, demand and force compliance, or enforce your legal rights in a court of law.  Start with a valid eviction notice.


Let The Law Office of H. Daniel Na help you.




Santa Clara county eviction Attorney


Tired of providing free housing?  Is your tenant not paying rent?  Consistently late?  Is he or she causing a nuisance?  Renting real property is a business and you need to protect both your asset and bottom line.  A lot is at stake, and you need to know that your interests are being looked after.  Don’t do it alone, and don’t serve an illegal eviction notice. You need to hire an attorney who specializes in landlord and tenant laws. 


Here at The Law Office of H. Daniel Na, we know the state and local housing laws, the local court procedures, and the legal maneuvers to give you the best chance of success.  Our knowledge is invaluable during pre-suit strategies to put together a road map that includes eviction notices, pre-trial motions, the use of discovery tactics, and settlement negotiations.  Learn more about the judgment-proof tenant.


Contact us, The Law Office of H. Daniel Na, and we will use the eviction process to get your property back. 





San jose eviction attorney


Did you receive a 3-day notice to pay-or-quit?  A “Summons and Complaint”? Time is of the essence if you are being evicted.  Eviction proceedings moves fast, and you will need to act quickly.  Strategize effectively to buy yourself some time. 


If you cannot pay rent, or have a legal reason to withhold the rent, you need to know your options.  A just cause reason for an eviction is needed in San Jose and in California.  A default judgment can be reported to the credit bureaus, and it can follow a tenant around for seven years.  Contact The Law Office of H. Daniel Na as soon as you can.


Don’t be a victim.  Make sure your landlord is following the law.  Call us, The Law Office of H. Daniel Na.  





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