campbell rent control laws

Learn about Campbell Rent Control Laws and Ordinances.


campbell rent control Laws

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What is Campbell’s ordinance?  Campbell’s ordinance is Campbell Municipal Code, Title 6, Ch. 6.09, §§ 6.09.010 to 6.09.190.


How does this effect tenants?  Tenants effected by a rent increase can file a petition within 45-days after receiving notice of a rent increase (or 15-days from the effective date of the rent increase, whichever is later), or lose the right to object to the rent increase.  To use this procedure, tenants must first make a good-faith effort to resolve the dispute with the landlord before going through “conciliation,” then mediation (if necessary), then finally unbinding arbitration (if necessary).


How does this effect landlords?  Landlords are required to include a disclosure prescribe by the ordinance in the rent increase notice.  (See Title 6, Ch. 6.09, §§ 6.09.040)


NOTICE: Chapter 6.09 of the Campbell Municipal Code provides a conciliation and mediation procedure for property owners and tenants to communicate when there are disputes over rent increases (rent increases can include a significant reduction in housing services). To use this non-binding procedure, the tenants shall first make a reasonable, good faith effort to contact the property owner or the property owner’s agent to resolve the rent increase dispute. If not resolved the tenant may then file a petition within 45 calendar days from the date of this notice or within15 calendar days following the effective day of the increase, whichever is later. There may be other tenants from your complex receiving a similar rent increase, in which case, the petitions will be combined. For more information you should contact the City’s designated Agent at (telephone number of the City’s designated Agent). Petitioning for conciliation cannot guarantee a reduction in the rent increase.


Are there any exemptions?  Rental units on lots with three or fewer units are exempt from this ordinance.


How is the ordinance enforced?  Enforcement is done through Project Sentinel Mediation Service, located at 1490 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95050. Phone: 408-243-8565 or 888-324-7468.  Or through the official Campbell City Hall website at Tenant/Landlord Disputes.


What is the legal effect of the ordinance?  This is a nonbinding procedure.  Compliance in voluntary only.




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campbell Rent control laws

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