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Drafted notices


Is your tenant not paying rent?  Consistently late?  Is he or she causing a nuisance?  Renting real property is a business and you need to protect both your asset and bottom line.  A lot is at stake, and you need to know that your interests are being looked after.  Don’t do it alone, and don’t do an illegal eviction.  You need to hire an attorney who specializes in landlord and tenant laws for the “mom-and pop” investor. 

Eviction cases can involve a number of issues and whether a notice is drafted properly is one of them.  In California, state law requires that eviction notices include certain elements, including “just cause“, or else they are legally defective.  A legally defective notice could invalidate an eviction lawsuit (at any time) and a landlord could be deemed the losing party.

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Eviction Notices

Evict a Problem TENANT


Have you already decided that the best course of action is the evict your tenant?  There are eviction service alternatives, but they are limited in what they can provide.  They cannot give legal advice and are ONLY legally allowed to help you file forms.  Only a licensed attorney can give you advice and address the courts.

Here at The Law Office of H. Daniel Na, we know the state and local housing laws, the local court procedures, and the legal maneuvers to give you the best chance of success.  Our knowledge is invaluable during pre-suit strategies to put together a road map that includes pre-trial motions, the use of discovery tactics, and settlement negotiations.  Learn more about the eviction process.

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Start an Eviction

Owner Move-ins

If you are planning to move-in to a rental (or a close family member), you must exercise “good-faith” in the eviction.  “Good-faith” in this context means a landlord must desire to live at the premises and not desire for the tenant to move out.  There are treble damages for fraud (damages are tripled), so it can be very costly to run afoul of the law.   

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Three Days to Pay or Quit

How do I write a proper 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit?


3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit

San Jose Eviction Lawyer

eviction process

Unlawful Detainer proceedings have very strict requirements, and short deadlines.  Understand the Eviction Process.


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San Jose Eviction Lawyer

eviction Forms

If you are a DIYer and just need consultation on paperwork.  There are specific forms the courts require.


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San Jose Eviction Lawyer


Rent control

Some locales have their own rent control laws that add another layer to the state housing laws.  You may have extra requirements imposed on you by law.


CA Rent Control Law

San Jose Rent Control

Campbell Rent Control

Los Gatos Rent Control

Mountain View Rent Control

San Jose Eviction Lawyer


Need to collect past rent from a tenant?  We can help garnish wages, put a lien on assets, and even go after judgement-proof tenants.


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