mountain view rent control Laws

Learn about Mountain View Rent Control Laws and Ordinances.

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mountain view rent control Laws

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What is Mountain View’s ordinance?  Mountain View’s ordinance is The Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act, Mountain View City Code Article XVII, Sections 1700 and following.


How does this effect tenants? A tenant that prevails in a lawsuit against their landlord shall be awarded reasonable attorney fees and costs as determined by the court.


Which buildings does this ordinance effect?  Buildings with three or more residential units that have a certificate of occupancy before February 1, 1995.


How does this effect landlords?  Landlords can only increase rent one time per year by the annual general adjustment (“AGA”) published by the Mountain View Rental Housing Committee (“Housing Committee”).  (The AGA is equal to the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”) for the Bay Area.)   Landlords may file a petition to increase a rent above the allowable limit if the landlord can show that the adjustment is necessary to provide a fair rate of return. 


The local ordinance also affords tenants Just Cause Protection.


At-Fault Just Causes:

      1. Failure to Pay Rent
      2. Breach of Lease
      3. Nuisance
      4. Criminal Activity
      5. Failure to Give Access


No-Fault Just Causes:

      1. Necessary and Substantial Repairs requiring Temporary Vacancy
      2. Owner Move-In
      3. Withdrawal of the Unit Permanently form the Rental Market
      4. Demolition


The local ordinance requires the landlord to file a copy of the eviction notice with the city, within 3 days of serving the tenant.


How is the ordinance enforced?  Enforcement is done through the Rental Housing Committee of the City of Mountain View, located at City Hall, 500 Castro Street, 1st Floor Public Works Front Conference Room.  Phone: 650-282-2514.  Or through the official City of Mountain View – Rent Stabilization Program.



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mountain view rent control Laws


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mountain view rent control Laws



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