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Eviction cases are “summary proceedings,” which means the process is fast.  What is normally a year(s) long process to bring a case to court, an eviction case is condensed into a one-to-two-month period.  To compensate tenants for the speed and short time to prepare, the eviction filing requirements are very strict.  Any misstep by a landlord can be fatal to an eviction lawsuit. 


A lack of knowledge of the procedures and requirements could result in an eviction against you that otherwise would not be allowed.  Landlords should follow the rules just like everyone else.   Learn about the eviction process. Make sure your landlord is following the laws.  They are there for your protection.


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The Law Office of H. Daniel Na will work with you to find the best and most effective eviction defense strategy for your legal needs. 


We will guide you with creative solutions.  This can include a piecemeal approach to help a DIY tenant with:


  • demand letters
  • procedural guidance
  • strategic discovery requests
  • ghostwritten court motions
  • tactical settlement negotiations


We can, also, provide full representation of claims and/or defenses, in way of:


  • warranty of habitability defenses
  • illegal retaliatory evictions
  • discriminatory evictions
  • wrongful evictions
  • rent-control violations


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Time is of the essence if you are being evicted.  Tenants usually have only 5-days to respond to a summons or else a default judgment will result against you.  A default judgment can be reported to the credit bureau(s) and it can follow you, a tenant, around for many years.  


A 3-day notice to pay-or-quit usually starts the process.  If you have received a 3-day notice, you will need to act quickly.  If you cannot pay rent, or have a legal reason to withhold the rent, you need to know your options.  Contact The Law Office of H. Daniel Na as soon as you can.


Don’t delay.  San Jose Eviction Protection.

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San Jose Tenant Lawyer

Just cause protection

In the City of San Jose, just cause protection starts on day one of tenancy.  Learn more about just cause protections.


San Jose Tenant Lawyer

eviction process

Learn about the eviction process. Make sure your landlord is following the laws.  They are there for your protection.


illegal evictions

Did your landlord lock you out?  Throw out your property?  Stop landlord from illegal evictions.


San Jose Tenant Lawyer

abandoned property

Do you need to leave in a hurry?  Can’t take all your stuff with you?  Know the rules to leaving abandoned property


San Jose Tenant Lawyer

Settling with the landlord

Need to negotiate with your landlord?  Learn the ins-and-outs of eviction stipulations.


San Jose Tenant Lawyer

Injured on the Premises?

Accidents are a part of life.  But negligence due to laziness or lack of regards to safety is not an excuse.


Bad Neighbors

Live next to a drug dealer?  Landlords have a duty to the tenant and public AND landlords may owe you money.


Breaking a Lease

Need to move before the end of a lease?  Maybe you can without costs or repercussions.