los gatos rent control laws

Learn about Los Gatos Rent Control Laws and Ordinances.

los gatos rent control Laws

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What is Los Gatos’ ordinance?  Los Gatos’ ordinance is Los Gatos Rental Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Ordinance, Los Gatos Town Code, Chapter 15, Article VIII, §§ 14.80.010 – 14.80.315.


How does this effect tenants?  Tenants who are facing termination can ask for a mediation/arbitration hearing on the eviction issue(s) within 60 days.  If the tenant wins, the eviction will be barred.  (see §14.80.115)


How does this effect landlords?  Rent cannot be increased more than once a year and any rent increase must be “reasonable.”  Rent increase is presumed reasonable if the increase is no more than 5% increase of the current rental rate (or 10% rent increase, if rent was not previously increased in the last two years) or 70% or CPI plus allowable “pass-through” costs.  Any increase in rent must be accompanied by a notice to the tenant(s) of the right to use the Dispute Resolution Program, and it must also include the name, address, telephone, and fax of the Program.


Are there any exemptions?  Rental units on lots with two or fewer units on the same parcel of land, single-family residences, and rented condominium units are exempt from this ordinance.


How is the ordinance enforced?  Enforcement is done through Project Sentinel Mediation Service, located at 1490 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95050. Phone: 408-243-8565 or 888-324-7468 or Los Gatos Dispute Resolution Program at 408-402-0307 x8016. Or through the official Los Gatos City Hall website.




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Los Gatos rent control Laws


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Los Gatos rent control Laws

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