Owner Move-In Evictions Understanding The Owner Move-In Eviction in San Jose, CA   What is an Owner Move-In Eviction?   A property owner who wants to move into their rental unit is permitted to withdraw their rental property from the rental market, if they so choose.  However, current eviction laws

JUST CAUSE Evictions – Understanding “Just Cause Evictions” –   WHat is Just Cause?   “Just Cause” is a term used in eviction laws to describe the only legally valid reasons a landlord can evict a tenant from residential real property.   A landlord cannot evict a tenant at-will but

The Eviction  Notice – Understanding the different types of Eviction Notice –   What is an Eviction Notice?   An eviction notice is a legal document landlords give their tenants to legally end tenancy.  There are several types of eviction notices that address varying issues, like non-payment of rent, non-compliance

The “3-Day Pay or Quit”   – Understanding the “3 Day Pay or Quit” Eviction Notice –     why is the eviction Notice important?   Generally, eviction cases involve a small number of clear-cut issues – whether a 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit (“3-Day Notice”) is drafted properly

Exempt property  Renting A Single Family Home – San Jose, CA   Rent Outside-the-box   Renting in California can involve different types of property.  From the traditional like renting single family homes, duplexes, and multi-family complexes, to more non-traditional ways like renting in-law units, guesthouse, or a single room.  The

Judgment-Proof Tenant For The Pro Se or Pro Per Defendant Understanding Judgment-Proof Tenant.   What is a Judgment-Proof Tenant?   A judgment-proof tenant is a term of art referring to a tenant who is considered financial insolvent.  If it will cost a landlord more to pursue a judgment against a

Abandoned Property Storage of Abandoned Residential Property Understanding How to Dispose of Abandoned Property   What should a landlord do with abandoned property?   After a Sheriff’s lockout (see, “ San Jose Eviction Process “), it is unusual that valuable property is left behind.  People usually take valuable property with

Don’t Settle, Stipulate Eviction Stipulations  Understanding Eviction Stipulations in Eviction Proceedings    What is a Stipulation for Entry of Judgment?   A Stipulation for Entry of Judgment (“Stipulation”) is an agreement between opposing parties regarding a dispute before the court. Parties can agree to resolve any issue that needs a